Избавляемся от нежелательных волос с помощью лазерной эпиляции

 Лазерная эпиляция не только позволяет надолго забыть о нежелательном волосяном покрове, но и улучшает внешний вид кожи.

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Какой должна быть декоративная косметика в 2020? На примере ТМ PAESE

В этой статье мы расскажем о косметике PAESE, которая, как мы считаем, должна быть в вашем хит-листе обязательных покупок. 

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Правильный подход к диагностике и укреплению здоровья - клиника семейной медицины

Все человечество сегодня находится в заложниках у CORONAVIRUS – самого неизведанного вируса, который уже ворвался в жизнь украинцев. 

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Best breast enlargement creams. What is important to know in 2020?

Neckline without problems: "How to increase a breast in a natural way?" Exciting and inviting roundness of a woman's breast - a source of pride of their owner and the admiring glances of others like a magnet attractive female bust, eye-catcher, not only men Every woman is ready to give everything to also confidently.. feel with a chic neckline. 

1) Tell what determines the size of the breast in women

Gentle and addicted: what changes the size of the breast

The female breast is one of the most mysterious organs of the female body. It is sensitive to almost all factors: menstrual cycle, age, period of development of the body, diet, bad habits and lifestyle. Even during sexual arousal, breasts can increase by 25% of their original volume. In fact, this is the only part of the female body, the appearance of which is highly dependent on hormonal levels.


According to one hypothesis, breast volume primarily depends on heredity. The amount of the main filler - adipocyte fat cells is determined by the genome and is passed down from generation to generation.

The diet

Plants are believed to be sources of phyto-estrogens and, when consumed regularly, can stimulate female breast growth. Soybeans, flaxseed, cabbage, licorice and hops can have estrogen-like effects, but only if you use extracts of these plants. But the content of these substances in the product is so small that it would be necessary to absorb more than one kilogram of such a product to obtain the desired effect.

Menstrual cycle

From the moment of ovulation - the maturation of the egg - every month the female body prepares for conception, so the level of estrogen in the blood rises sharply. As a result, the mammary glands swell, thicken, and tenderness is felt when touched. From the moment menstruation begins, these phenomena disappear, as the level of estrogen decreases sharply.


Taking oral contraceptives - hormone-containing drugs - forced regulation of the menstrual cycle, which is also associated with the action of female sex hormones. Progesterones can stimulate blood flow and cause fluid retention. The combination of these factors will lead to an increase in breast size of 0.5 - 1 size.

Sexual arousal

During sex, the heart rate increases, which significantly affects blood pressure. This active circulation can increase the volume of the breast by 25%. The only downside is that this is a temporary phenomenon. Since the alignment of the indicators of cardiac activity returns the chest to its original size.

Physical activity

Excessive enthusiasm for power loads can cause the destruction of adipose tissue in the female breast - its main filler. On the other hand, the tone of the pectoral muscle allows you to keep the mammary gland elevated. Therefore, to maintain attractive forms, it is necessary to dose physical exercises.

Age changes

The onset of puberty turns an angular teenager into a girl with rounded shapes. Sometimes this happens too quickly, when the hormonal background changes literally overnight. The reason is the estrogenic activity of female sex hormones produced by the ovaries. At the same time, the level of estrogen in the blood remains as high as possible.

During menopause, the function of the ovaries fades away, in the absence of hormone replacement therapy, the level of estrogen falls, which also negatively affects the condition of the mammary glands.

Bad habits

Smoking deprives the body's tissues of oxygen. Nicotine also leads to constriction of blood vessels. As a result, normal blood circulation stops, the mammary gland does not receive sufficient blood supply and nutrition to the cells, therefore its structure deteriorates significantly.

2) Estrogen in the form of products does not work, only in the formulas of creams

Supplements against food: why it is not possible to enlarge breasts through dietary changes

Breast size is affected by the amount of estrogen in the blood. It can be assumed that the daily consumption of foods rich in herbal analogs of female sex hormones could have a significant positive effect on the growth of the mammary glands. But this hypothesis is not true for three reasons:

       - the content of the useful substance is negligible;
       - most of the essential substances will be destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract;
       - in addition to estrogens, foods contain nutrients and ballast substances, an excessive amount of which will lead to a significant overload of the body and can cause an allergic reaction.

Estrogenic foods, such as the notorious cabbage, soybeans or flax seeds, do not live up to expectations. Research has shown that breast augmentation medications should not be loaded with hormones or precursors. It is important to achieve natural secretion of estrogen so that the body independently begins to produce a normal amount of the female sex hormone. Preparations for natural enlargement of female breasts cope with this task. They are designed with the need to replenish hormonal deficiencies and deliver them to their destination.

Total Curve System

The drug involves the use of tablets and a special breast enlargement cream, so the problem gets a reliable two-component solution.

From the inside, the pill saturates the body with the necessary components, and the cream acts locally with the help of ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen and activate blood circulation in the breast tissues. The key to the success of the system is the combination of plant extracts:

       - seaweed - saturates tissues with vitamins;
       - aloe and thistle - improve the elasticity of fibers and ligaments;
       - bearberry - rejuvenates the structure;
       - buckwheat - stimulates collagen production;
       - wild yam, dong kuei ("female ginseng") and fennel - affect the ovaries for the natural secretion of estrogen, eliminate the deficiency of sex hormones;
       - turner sprawling - prevents the release of progesterone;
       - hops - stimulates the active division of adipocyte cells that fill the mammary gland;
       - caffeine - accelerates the absorption of components;
       - volufilin - stimulates the reproduction of adipocytes in the mammary gland.

This approach provides the fastest possible effect - women report the first visible changes already at the end of the first week of Total Curve application. The overall result is an increase in breast size by 2-3 sizes.

Breast Actives system

System composition - capsules and gel. The advantages of this form are that the microbeads deliver the components into the bloodstream faster, and the fine structure of the gel easily penetrates the top layer of the skin. The basis is made up of:

       - vitamin E - promotes elasticity of the ligaments, prevents breast prolapse, provides skin elasticity;
       - extract of kudzu mirifika - a plant-natural aphrodisiac with estrogen-like effects.

Supplementing capsules with gel affects the mammary gland, both from the inside and improves its appearance, preventing destructive age-related changes. The first changes appear after 2-3 weeks. The overall result is 1-2 sizes.

Naturaful cream

American development - a creamy substance from a recognized manufacturer of biological products for health and beauty. It is an excellent remedy against aging and the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, quickly eliminates wrinkles, dry skin, and increases its elasticity. The composition of the breast enlargement cream is represented by the following ingredients:

       - wild yam - an energetic and aphrodisiac that stimulates the division of adipocytes,
       - Angelica officinalis - a source of felandren and xanthotoxin, necessary for the vital activity of fat cells in the mammary gland, a stimulator of the natural secretion of estradiol,
       - thistle - has an antioxidant effect, restores elastin fibers.

The innovation of the product is the use of pads with magnetic inserts that affect the polarity of the cells and increase the permeability of the cell membranes.

Such a remedy can enlarge the breast by 2-3 sizes.

Perfect Woman cream 

This set for breast enlargement includes cream for fast breast enlargement results. As a basis, the manufacturer used:

       - fenugreek - normalizing hormonal balance, increasing the secretion of estrogen;
       - hops - stimulates breast cell division;
       - fennel - a powerful estrogen-like effect and stimulation of the secretion of female sex hormones;
       - L-tyrosine - an amino acid with a rejuvenating effect;
       - calendula - activates regenerative processes in the structures of the mammary gland, restores elastin bonds;
       - almond oil - restores the structure of the skin and eliminates degenerative age-related changes, including stretch marks and creases.

The optimal concentration of the components allows you to achieve results of an increase in volume by 2-3 sizes in the first few weeks.

3) Myths and truths about natural breast augmentation. Only Naturaful and Total Curve work

3 myths about natural breast augmentation

Myth 1. Hormones in the composition of breast creams cause cancer
It is possible that hormonal substances that are contained in oral contraceptives can have a carcinogenic effect. But in preparations for breast augmentation, the ingredients are plant extracts with an estrogen-like effect or stimulation of the gonads for the natural regulation of hormonal levels. Therefore, information about the risk of developing oncology is an absolute myth.

Myth 2. Preparations for breast enlargement are cosmetics disguised as an effective remedy
This is partly true, since the effect of the drug. Naturaful, for example, really eliminates age-related changes by improving skin texture. But some of the components also affect the mammary gland from the inside. No cosmetic product can boast of such an effect, since its consistency is not able to penetrate the epidermis barrier.

Myth 3. The effect will last as long as the cream is used
This opinion is quite widespread and is explained by the fact that in most cases 3 weeks is not enough to restore normal hormonal levels. Therefore, discontinuation of the drug may cause a rollback of results. At the same time, the use of a system - cream and tablets, like Total Curve, is characterized by the permanent result, as they have a cumulative effect.

4) How does the natural breast enlargement using Total Curve cream work?

Complex effect: the principle of action of drugs for natural breast enlargement

When developing such drugs, responsible manufacturers start from the main factor in the dependence of the volume and appearance of the breast - hormonal levels. Components are also needed that stimulate the division of adipocytes - cells of breast tissue. And the cosmetic component is substances that improve the condition of elastin fibers and skin. If such ingredients are present in the preparation, a successful result is guaranteed.

Hormonal component

To restore and improve the structure of the breast, activate blood circulation in the tissues, plant extracts are added to biological products - sources of phytoestrogens, aphrodisiacs, which affect the sex glands. For example, the Total Curve system contains three extracts that normalize hormones - wild yam, dong kuei ("female ginseng") and fennel. Their effects restore the balance of sex hormones and eliminate estrogen deficiency - the main "conductor" of breast growth.

Fat cell division stimulant

To increase the volume of fat mass in the breast tissues, the composition usually includes kudzu mirifica, hops, licorice. In addition to hops, the Total Curve system contains its own development - volufilin. This substance, according to a clinical study, in just 56 days of the course showed the result of an increase in the number of adipocytes in the gland by 640%.

Cosmetic component

To restore elasticity and appearance, the complex preparations include vitamins, stimulators of collagen and elastin production. They eliminate stretch marks and wrinkles, nourish and moisturize the skin. These components include extracts: aloe, thistle, buckwheat, bearberry.

5) Frequently asked questions about natural creams and tablets

5 questions about popular breast enlarging creams

Do I need to use creams all the time?
No, if the duration of the course was sufficient to normalize the functioning of the gonads and restore the volume of fat mass, then you can then switch to conventional products for décolleté skin care. If necessary, the course can be repeated, making standard breaks of 2-3 weeks.

What side effects can the use of breast cream cause?
The main advantage of breast augmentation drugs is their bioavailability. The components go through several stages of purification from harmful impurities and are absorbed by the body. Also, the composition excludes the use of hormones of animal and synthetic origin. Therefore, symptoms such as weight fluctuations, fluid retention and breast tenderness characteristic of hormonal pills and contraceptives are completely excluded.

How many sizes can you enlarge your breasts with creams?
Much depends on the initial condition of the breast and the quality of the product. If the preparation contains only collagen stimulants and antioxidants, then the effect will be short-lived and the result rarely exceeds 1 size. With a multifactorial effect and a cumulative effect, breast volume can increase by 2-3 sizes.

Do you have to take pills, or can you limit yourself to a gel or cream?
If the gel contains components that can affect the hormonal background and have an estrogen-like effect, then you can limit yourself to the gel. For example, a drug like Naturaful may well replace the system. Its trick is in the ingredients and the use of magnetic strips that improve the permeability of cell membranes.

Can I use a cream for breast reconstruction after lactation?
It is not only possible, but also necessary. During lactation, adipose tissue is replaced by glands and lactiferous ducts. With active feeding, they enlarge the breast, but with the end of it, the mammary gland decreases in size. This is due to the lack of adipocyte fat cells. For their active division, support and stimulation is necessary, which the cream for breast augmentation can handle.

6) Breast Sagging and Natural Ways to Get Rid of (including Total Curve and Naturaful)

Ptosis - the force of gravity or a sentence for the female breast

With age, women's breasts don't just lose their shape. Its ptosis is observed, the nipples go down to the navel, the skin loses its elasticity. This condition is called ptosis. Most often, it is accompanied by degenerative processes in the gland itself, when adipose tissue is destroyed and the breast becomes like an empty bag.

The reasons for this phenomenon may be:

       - end of lactation;
       - bad habits - alcohol, smoking;
       - menopause;
       - age-related changes;
       - removal of the breast implant.

To restore volume and tightening, it is necessary to achieve natural filling - adipocytes and the restoration of the ligaments that hold the lobes of the mammary gland.

Surgical methods are also used for this purpose, but the effect of their use is usually temporary. This is due to the fact that the cause remains unchanged, and the application of cuts and the introduction of artificial substitutes without restoring the hormonal background is unable to bring a permanent result.

The use of natural remedies will help start regenerative processes and restore hormonal levels. The combination of Total Curve cream and tablets, on the one hand, stimulates the restoration of adipose tissue, and on the other hand, it restores elastin bonds in the mammary gland thanks to the extract of thistle. The presence of extracts of hops or wild yam in the preparation will serve as a catalyst for the division of adipocyte cells - the main components of the volume of the mammary gland. Also, the main advantage of Total Curve is the special component volufilin, which literally "forces" fat cells in the mammary gland to actively divide and is characterized by incredible results - only 56 days and an increase in the number of adipocytes by 640%.

The Naturaful cream, which contains plant extracts - angelica, wild yam and thistle, has a similar effect. These components have a three-factor effect on the elimination of ptosis:

       - eliminate estrogen deficiency;
       - activate the division of tissue cells;
       - restore the elasticity of the skin and ligaments.

Naturaful is also used in conjunction with magnetic pads. They not only accelerate the "delivery" of nutrients to the affected organ, but also improve the permeability of cell membranes.

7) Result from natural breast augmentation

Breast enlargement results: new dimension - admiring glances

Using natural ingredients is not just a new bra. The combination of biological products will help achieve a rejuvenating effect, lifting and elasticity. Its results can be divided into benefits and dry statistics.

Benefits of creams

The benefits of natural breast augmentation are more than obvious:

       - quick effect without the rehabilitation process;
       - no health risk;
       - there is no need to undergo examination;
       - there are no side effects;
       - you can get a permanent result due to the cumulative effect of the drug;
       - there is an opportunity to save significantly without risking anything.


For each woman, the effect may slightly differ both in the duration of the course and in external changes. However, the averages are:

       - Total Curve - 2-3 sizes;
       - Breast Actives - 1-2 sizes;
       - Naturaful - 2-3 sizes;
       - Pro Breast Plus - 2-3 sizes.

It is also important for women to understand that 2-3 weeks are enough to achieve the first visible changes after using the drugs. The duration of the full course is 8 weeks.

8) Medical facts about breast size or breast augmentation methods including surgery

A few important points: evidence-based facts about breast augmentation

Fact 1. Most women are unhappy with their breast size
An extensive study of this issue was published in March 2020. The focus group was made up of women from 40 countries. The result is that more than 70% are unhappy with their bust and think about how to solve this problem. 

Fact 2. More than 17% of breast implants rupture
The aim of the study is to determine the frequency of breast implant rupture. For two years, patients of different ages were observed who underwent breast augmentation surgery. As a result, 10% of obvious gaps and 7% of diagnosed ones were revealed. The trend is that the risk of rupture increases with the duration of its use, and it can be concluded that implants, regardless of the type of filling, must be replaced.  

Fact 3. Almost half of men of reproductive age primarily pay attention to their breasts
According to the research, female breast augmentation is considered as a reproductive strategy. Results from focus group tests of men wishing to conceive show that 47% see a large bust as an ovulatory advertisement, signaling a woman's ability to bear and feed healthy offspring.  

Fact 4. The main growth factor for the female breast is phytoestrogen
Research data from 2019 confirms the effect of phytoestrogens - plant taxes of female sex hormones on adipogenesis - the division of adipocyte cells, which play the main function of filling the cavities of the female breast with fatty tissues.  

Fact 5. The most common complication after breast augmentation surgery is capsular contracture
This condition is characterized by severe pain, chest tightness and fever. Such a reaction of the body is associated with the fact that the implant does not take root, but gradually turns into a boil. First, the connective tissue envelops the implant, squeezes it, and then can thin the breast skin from the inside in order to bring the implant outward, which leads not only to its rupture, but also to the integrity of the skin.  

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